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Please be aware that this site requires a solid black suit with a red tie.

Grooming & Appearance Requirements

Clean-cut appearance or facial hair cut appropriately

Please cover tattoos (use sleeves, turtle necks, or makeup)
Free of facial piercings (this includes plugs)

Tips on what to bring

Water Container
Lunch / Snacks

All dates, times, shifts, and details are subject to change based on tournament needs.

If you are unable to show up to a shift you committed to, please send me (Erica) a text message with the date, day, and event you are unable to show up to.

You do not need to include why you can't make it; we understand things come up and would like to know so we can update the schedule accordingly for our onsite managers.

When you submit your shift agreement below, you will receive an email from me ( with parking details.

Chapman Graduation Shift Agreement

If the fields turn orange there is an error.

Please check your email for the Google Maps parking link and the on-site supervisor's contact information. 

Chapman Graduation Shift Agreement

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