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2024 Payroll Calendar

2024 Payroll calendar.png

Weekly timesheets must be submitted by email every Thursday by 5:00 PM PST. to for payroll processing. 


Timesheets submitted after 5:00 PM PST. will be paid out of the following pay period.


EES pay periods are 14 days

Work weeks are Thursday - Wednesday

Pay dates are every other Wednesday

Event Staff Starting Rate: $16.00 (no guard card)

Security Guard Starting Rate: $17.50 (active guard card)

The California Minimum Wage is paid and may vary depending on the job site and City/County ordinances.


Accurately recording time worked is the responsibility of every non-exempt employee. Time worked is spent on a job(s) performing assigned duties. Executive Event Services does not pay for extended breaks or time spent on personal matters. Altering, falsifying, tampering with time records, or recording time on another team member's time record will result in disciplinary action, including possible termination of employment. Only those hours recorded and verified by the employee's initials on the record sheet at the end of each shift will be considered valid for payment to be received. Authorized personnel will review time records for each pay period. Any changes to an employee's time record must be approved by management.


Remote patrol employees are required to submit their weekly timesheets by email every Thursday by 5:00 PM PST. to for payroll processing. Timesheets submitted after 5:00 PM PST on Thursdays will be paid out of the following pay period.


Questions regarding payments or hours worked must be reported to the Payroll Manager no later than seven days from the date worked. If an employee does not sign in/out from shift, the employee must provide proof of working to the Payroll Manager no later than 15 days from the date worked.


The "workday" is any hours worked within 24 hours of 12 am to 11:59 pm as outlined in the CA Labor Code. If you operate a night shift, hours are calculated per the calendar day, such as if you worked from 6 pm – 6 am, time is calculated as six pm-midnight (6 hours) + midnight – 6 am (6 hours). 


Overtime does not apply to the 12-hour shift unless you return to work the next night. Therefore, if you performed the exact change, the (6 hours) from midnight – 6 am would be added to your work hours that same day, etc.


Unless exempt, the employee is entitled to minimum requirements for paid sick leave under state law, which provides that an employee:


1. May accrue paid sick leave and may request and use up to 3 days or 24 hours of accrued paid sick leave per year;

2. May not be terminated or retaliated against for using or requesting the use of accrued paid sick leave; and

3. Has the right to file a complaint against an employer who retaliates or discriminates against an employee for

a. requesting or using accrued sick days;

b. attempting to exercise the right to use accrued paid sick days; 

c. filing a complaint or alleging a violation of Article 1.5 section 245 et seq. of the California Labor Code; 

d. Cooperating in an investigation or prosecution of an alleged violation of this Article or opposing any policy, practice, or act prohibited by Article 1.5 section 245 et seq. of the California Labor Code. 

The following applies to the employee:

1. Accrues paid sick leave only according to the minimum requirements stated in Labor Code §245 et seq. with no other employer policy providing additional or different terms for accrual and use of paid sick leave. 

2. Accrues paid sick leave according to the employer's policy which satisfies or exceeds the accrual, carryover, and uses requirements of Labor Code §246. 

3. Employer provides no less than 24 hours (or three days) of paid sick leave at the beginning of each 12 months. 

4. The employee is exempt from paid sick leave protection by Labor Code §245.5. (State exemption and specific subsection for exemption) 

5. The employee will start accruing sick leave pay effective 07/01/2015. 

6. Employee cannot use sick leave pay until after a 90-day probationary period. 

7. Employees will not accrue more than 24 hours of sick leave pay, except for employees residing in Oakland and San Francisco. 

8. Employee cannot use sick leave pay until at least 240 hours are worked in 12 months. 

9. Employee must give reasonable, advanced notice required for foreseeable leave; otherwise, as soon as practicable and no less than 4 hours before shift start time, an employee must provide a doctor's note or excused letter within 48 hours. The employee must verify sick hours are available before taking them.

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